Lurker Alert!!!!!

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Mon Jul 3 06:51:31 MDT 1995

Welcome Aboard Dennis Putnam Jr.!!!  I, for one, look forward to your posts
w/great eagerness.  Anxious to see just how close you are to being like your
dad.   I am Cindy B. and, like your dad, will be offline for a time (I'll be
back in abt. 3 weeks tho).   Keep em all in line and good luck!    Cindy B.
>Just so everyone won't be confused there is a lurker on this list with the
>same name as me except with a Jr. appendage. Yup, #1 son has joined
>cyberspace and is a conservative like dear old dad. Actually he gets
>credit for turining me on to Rush. He's still a wet behind the ears
>kid just out of college and is a polysomographic technician working
>as a sleep disorder specialist in Ashville, NC. But show him no mercy,
>make him support his positions with fact. He'll be taking over for me until
>I can get back on this list with some regularity.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL

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