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Welcome. We all have a great deal of admiration for your father.
Let me take a stab at your question. I believe that in most instances,
the people on the left do not know economics for one thing. They start
out with a valid desire to do "good" but it becomes misguided when they
start to think that governments can do "good" for them. I believe the
other aspect of the answer might lie in what I call the father knows best
model - it implies that someone knows better than I what I should or
ought to consume. I believe in the family compact model where decisions
are made jointly and where there is respect for each individual as an
individual with a right to make mistakes as well as do things right.
It seems to me after having taught social workers a finance course in
which they feel that with their training to do clinical assessment that
they know what is best for welfare recipients, there are a lot of other
occupations including doctors, teachers, and others who by and large have
let their superior knowledge in a narrow field go to their heads and
believe that they should make decisions for others. That means that when
they look at government they see the mistakes which individuals make and
want to impose their values on others - implying strong government with
coersive powers.
Does this seem plausible to the list? I believe it stems from that BUT it
also stems from special interest groups being able to get what they want
only through strong government overcoming the will of the people. I have
seen this in the case of feminists, multicultural groups and even today
anti-religionists. What do you think?
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On Mon, 3 Jul 1995, Dennis Putnam,Jr. wrote:
> I would like to consider myself a well balanced individual.  I have listened
> to both the "right" and "left" and considered what both have to say.  To be
> honest with you, what the "left" has to say makes no sense to me whatsoever.
>  I can't understand their logic or perhaps lack of.  Maybe thats what it is,
> they have no logic.  They simply does what feels good.  Maybe someone can
> explain this to me.  Do they think with logic and common sense?
> ------------------------------
> Dennis Putnam, Jr.

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