C-Span and Real Audio

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Mon Jul 3 16:07:39 MDT 1995

I stumbled onto "Real Audio" on the Internet the other night.  Using
their free software you can listen to audio clips on your computer.
For example, you can listen to ABC's hourly updates, All Things
Considered, radio programs from all over the USA, some out of England,
Milano, other parts of Europe, Japan, and Australia.
C-Span is a charter server and is beginning to post clips <they now
have the announcement speeches of the GOP candidates, one by
our President>.  You can pause the audio if you need to get up and
let out your pet or get a cup of coffee.  And you can fast forward,
rewind, or replay.  I am running this software from Netscape.  Their
URL is http://www.realaudio.com/    You can also set up your own
"internet radio program", but the software will cost you.
I have also been spending too much time on InternetPhone, which
allows you to talk -- real time -- with people all over the world with
your sound card and a microphone.  A real kick.
I hope you wondeful folks are having a good July Four Holiday.
Regards, PapaPaul

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