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Thought some of you might enjoy reading this.
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                          THE RIDDLER?
NRA Comments on President's Visit to Chicago
Atlanta, Georgia -- President Bill Clinton's visit to Chicago,
Illinois, for a gun control fund-raiser was, from all appearances,
riddled with irony.
"The same Administration intent on banning guns by banning bullets is
soft on criminals with guns, and, according to a Senate hearing, soft
on criminals with drugs," commented Mrs.  Tanya K. Metaksa, executive
director of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative
Action, during a visit to Georgia.
"He has called on Congress to ban ammunition despite a 1986 law that
works flawlessly.  Since 1986, when NRA helped craft and support a law
limiting certain ammo to police use, no police officer in the United
States has been killed with any projectile fired from a handgun
through the protective material of a soft body armor vest.  The number
is _zero_."
"Our president also praised his ban on guns based solely on their
appearance -- in Chicago where handguns are banned regardless of their
appearance.  Both prohibitions fail to stop criminals.
"And our president is praising a waiting period in a state that
employs the NRA-backed instantaneous criminal background check.  These
ironies must be truly embarrassing."
On the President's ammo ban, Mrs. Metaksa cited a remark made by a
White House official who told the Associated Press that it was not a
"huge problem."
"Indeed, the `huge problem' that the president's scheme utterly fails
to address is that persons with prior criminal histories are involved
in the majority of homicides of law enforcement officers," Mrs.
Metaksa said.  "During the last ten years, 73% of those involved in
officer killings had prior criminal arrests, 56% had been convicted of
criminal offenses, and 23% were actually on parole or probation when
the officers were killed.
"That's the `huge problem.'  It is the same problem that cost officer
Daniel Doffyn his life.  He was tragically slain by three suspected
gang members -- drugs dealers who are suspects in previous shootings,
including murder.
"That's the `huge problem.'  And that is why NRA has been working for
criminal justice reform -- from `Three Strikes You're Out' in Vermont
to the `Hard Time for Armed Crime' initiative in Washington state.
That~s the kind of work that keeps real assault weapons and real
cop killers off our streets."
Mrs. Metaksa noted that NRA currently has 10,000 certified law
enforcement instructors who work with 450,000 law enforcement officers
annually.  "NRA also subsidizes vest purchases and buys a $25,000 life
insurance policy free of charge to every law enforcement officer who
joins.  Since 1992, we have provided $450,000 in payments to the
survivors of our law enforcement members who lost their lives in the
line of duty.
"If you work out the figures, that means -- every other month, some
law enforcement agency loses an officer, an agent, a sheriff or deputy
-- and so does the NRA.  Forty thousand Americans joined NRA last
month.  Our survey of new members found that more than 18 percent
reported that they or someone in their household has been or is
currently in the field of law enforcement.  Members of the law
enforcement family join NRA, because they know where NRA stands on the
most important issue of the day: their safety."
The Clinton gun ban, Mrs. Metaksa said, impacts some 190 firearms
rarely used in crimes.  "It is effective only in masking poor
performance in banning _real_ assault weapons -- namely, armed,
violent criminals.  Federal weapons prosecutions have plummeted 23%
his first two years in office.  H.R. 1488 not only repeals the Clinton
gun ban.  It requires the Attorney General to start enforcing the laws
that put armed criminals behind bars."
Mrs. Metaksa noted that the background check component of the federal
waiting period has been found void and unconstitutional by five
federal courts.  She also noted that Georgia and Pennsylvania have
recently opted out of the waiting period scheme in favor of the
NRA-backed computer check for gun purchasers.  "Wait prompts flight,
but the instant check prompts instant arrest of the rare dangerous
criminal who attempts a direct commercial purchase.  On passage of the
federal waiting period legislation, the NRA-backed check was employed
by Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois."  Since then,
Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New
Hampshire, Utah and Pennsylvania have adopted the mandatory check.
Mrs. Metaksa also quoted yesterday's AP report: "The Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said, `Black Rhino' bullets, said to be
capable of piercing body armor, apparently do not exist.  The agency
in January did approve the sale of the `Rhino-Ammo' fragmenting bullet
after firing tests showed that it was no different from other
hollow-point bullets that had no armor- piercing qualities."
"His advisors should stop counseling the president to build laws --
and campaigns -- on myths," Mrs. Metaksa said.
                          -- nra --

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