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Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Mon Jul 3 17:04:00 MDT 1995

This post is a response to the stab by Dr. D.J. McCready regarding the basis
for liberal thought and/or actions.
      Dr. McCready suggests that "in most instances, the people on the left
do not know economics for one thing."  I believe that this is essentially
correct.  However, what is possibly more important is that many of them
think that the do know economics, and then they proceed to act on their
beliefs, regardless of the flaws which exist in their thinking, and in their
actions based thereon.  One major problem which exists as a result of this
is that they ignore the basic laws of economic behavior and adopt an emotion
based approach which attempts to structure their beliefs on the basis of
such impossible to define criteria as "fairness".  This results is a
distorted market and a middle class which is steadily becoming more and more
close to poverty conditions.
     The idea of doing "good" for society feeds right into the above.  In
order to achieve the goal, they are willing to do almost anything, and do
not care who they hurt in the process.   In fact, they ignore the fact that
people are harmed because they have their eyes focused squarely on one thing
and one thing only; the poor souls who's only hope is the welfare state.
     Dr. McCready is right in suggesting that people let their superior
knowledge in a narrow field go to their heads.  I see the problem every day
when I encounter lawyers who decide that an education in law allows them to
do medical, accounting, economics, even high powered physics and chemistry.
 All with a degree in liberal arts and another in law.  As I took one year
each of Chem., and Biology, and 1/2 of Physics, I know how dangerous this
is.  Further, when these people believe that they know better, and act as if
they should be empowered to rule over others, then we do get an abusive
     Finally, this attitude can be found in virtually every area of the
political spectrum.  It is true of some born again Christians, as well as
hard core socialists.  They plain and simply do  not believe in the idea
that people should be able to control their own lives and go to "hell" in
their own way, should that be their lot.  As an independent thinker, I would
like to see this type of attitude discouraged, in favor of one which allows
freedom of action, so long as the result does not harm others.
Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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