Is There A Free Lunch

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Wed Jul 5 00:49:41 MDT 1995

I found this on Stamper's News Nuggets #14 - - -
Regards, PapaPaul
__ OVERHEARD: "I'm a teacher in Los Angeles. The vast
majority of the students receive free lunches. It
occurred to me that a good way for the children to
[learn] the value of work would be for those receiving a
free lunch to work one or two hours a week cleaning up
graffiti and other such chores. Most other teachers
bristled at the idea, saying that it would be demeaning.
'Demeaning?' I replied, 'don't we work for our food?'
'Besides,' I asked, 'Wouldn't it be more demeaning to
receive something for free rather than to work for it?'
Curiously, I later talked it over with some of my
students - children of hard working Latin immigrants -
and almost all seemed to agree that my idea made good
sense.'-nguirado at on

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