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Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Wed Jul 5 09:31:25 MDT 1995

Miles, in his farewell address writes:
>    I can't believe that anyone on the right can actually think that members of
> the liberal community are as dumb as you all (maybe not all) would chalk them
> up to be.As Dennis says "I taught them the best that the 'left' had to offer
> (that took 10 seconds)" To me that is sooo rude. This means that millions of
> intelligent liberals in Dennis's view don't have anything to offer to a growing
> boy.
OK, so we missed it.  What liberal points should I teach my child?
> I just don't understand for the life of me why that type of arrogance can
> even be allowed. But I'm trying to understand it's origins. There are many
> very intelligent people who subscribe to both conservative or liberal views on
> politics, culture and society.
Yes, but intelligent people can be wrong. I believe liberals are wrong.
>    I guess, depending on why we think we're on this planet in the first place
> will determine which side of the isle we're on. If it's to help make the
> country we live in the biggest industrialized leader on the planet then this
> will probably lead to more politically conservative values. If you believe that
> our purpose here on this globe is to sustain a quality of life unrelated to
> material goods and money then perhaps an entirely different set of political
> values will emerge. Then there's everything in the middle.
In the real world there is no quality of life that's unrelated to material goods
and money.  I was born a citizen of the United States, not the UN or any global
organization.  My concern with quality of life is mostly for US.  Freedom is
the center of quality of life, without it no amount of food or medical care will
make me happy.
>    I challenge all of you to subscribe to a liberal listserver and make an
> attempt to bridge a gap and bring us closer together. I'm not asking you to
> agree with them, just understand where they're coming from.
I subscribed to the Demo-L list last year and I was trashed and flamed without
reservation.  No real points were made, just insults and anger.  I was treated
with much less kindess than you've recieved here.
>    Anyhow, I can't deal with it any longer. The arrogance (unrelated to
> conservatism, I think) is too frustrating.
>    It's been fun though.
Sorry to see you go, but everyone is welcome not to post here.
>    Peace.
Won't happen, I'm sorry to tell you.  12,000 years of recorded history supports
this view.  Man is an warlike creature in a natural ecosytem.  He will fight.
> *Could someone please let me know how to unsubscribe. I never got subscription
> info for this new server.
> Miles
I think you send a e-mail to LISTSERV at with nothing in the body
Live long and prosper.
Sam Teel

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