Gingrich & The Internet

John Nebel nebel at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Wed Jul 5 09:52:02 MDT 1995

On Sun, 2 Jul 1995, Robert Ostrea wrote:
> I just read in today's LA Times that Gingrich plans to oppose the Exon
> bill (Communications Decency Act) on the basis that it infringes on the
> rights of adults to communicate with each other.  Alternatively,
> Gingrich (and others) are supporting a bi-partisan compromise bill
> headed by Rep. Cox which will allow internet servers to more
> effectively allow its customers to decide what they want blocked and
> what they don't want blocked.
> I think this is a GREAT development.  It shows that Gingrich is indeed
> concerned about the rights of the net surfer, while realizing how
> difficult it would be to enforce if the legislation were actually
> enacted.  He's also taking into consideration that certain individuals
> and/or companies would be targeted on an arbitrary basis under this
> bill, because it doesn't specifically state which types of "obscenity"
> are acceptable or not.
> Anyone else have any comments?
Full agreement.  As an Internet provider I was pretty worried about this
bill.  One fairly immediate consequence is that schools would be unable
to use the Internet.
The way the media have been hammering on this issue I think people have
the belief that porno just pops up on ones screen, all by itself.
Actually one has to go looking for it and its probably harder to find
on-line than in the local store.
The regulatory apparatus which would be put in place would take on a life
of its own and it would be hard to stop its expansion, soon there would
be forms and certifications.  How could the government resist
eventually regulating criticism of itself?
John Nebel

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