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Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jul 5 11:44:29 MDT 1995

Darin writes:
>Oh, come on Robert.
>You can't really believe that every small and medium sized business in
>country relies on the Commerce Dept!  It is like all government
services, 1%
>benefit while the other 99% pay for it!
I never said ALL small and medium sized businesses relies on the
Commerce Department, Darin, I said that most, if not all, small and
medium sized companies who go INTERNATIONAL do indeed benefitted from
the services from the International Trade Administration and the
US&Foreign Commercial Service.  This is a simple fact!
As for your ridiculous statement of 1% benefitting while 99% pay for
it, you obviously are frustrated at government as a whole
(understandable), but it's irrational to take your frustration out on
ALL things associated with it!
I'll tell you that without the services of the ITA and other agencies
(strictly the international trade functions), most, yes MOST, small
businesses would have a tremendously difficult time entering the
international arena.  Most big businesses do not need Commerce, yet
they too use their services.  ITA's budget is a mere $260 million - and
it will be cut 3-5%.  It is a completely self-sufficient agency, and
one of the few that makes a profit!  Therefore, it affects us little to
maintain these services, while it increases the competitiveness of our
international business community.
The one and ONLY reason why Commerce was on the chopping block was the
fact that Ron Brown is heading it!  Now that he's already ruining
himself, the GOP has slowly backed off!  That and the fact that most of
the new Republicans are freshman and have little, if any knowledge of
the COmmerce Department and its functions, have been bombarded with
communications from their constituents (small and medium sized business
owners) attesting to the merits of the ITA.
You have to understand that the services provided by the ITA are not
money handouts, rather they specifically assist companies with leads,
trade shows, etc. and encourage exports, thereby increasing our
competitiveness and our GDP.
If you'd like more specific information, I'd be happy to discuss it
with you off the list or via snail-mail...
>ALL of government needs a kick in the pants by getting their budget
>to death!
A kick in the pants, yes (Commerce as a whole will be cut 17-20%),
slashed to death - not this department...
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
San Francisco/Los Angeles
RAOstrea at ix.netcom.com

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