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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Wed Jul 5 12:10:43 MDT 1995

Excellent suggestion Kate has here, Miles.  I'd hate to see you go under
such circumstances.  I'm certain we've all dealt w/criticism we feel is too
harsh and unwarranted but try to let it go and stick w/us.  I've not agreed
w/you very often but still appreciate your contributions.
Cindy B.
Kate writes:
>Don't unsubscribe, Miles.  I appreciate your contributions to the list.
>If you're that angry with us, how about sticking around in "lurker"
>status and posting again when you cool off?
>On Wed, 5 Jul 1995, Miles R. West wrote:
>>    I can't believe that anyone on the right can actually think that
members of
>> the liberal community are as dumb as you all (maybe not all) would chalk them
>> up to be.As Dennis says "I taught them the best that the 'left' had to offer
>> (that took 10 seconds)" To me that is sooo rude. This means that millions of
>> intelligent liberals in Dennis's view don't have anything to offer to a
>> boy. I just don't understand for the life of me why that type of
arrogance can
>> even be allowed. But I'm trying to understand it's origins. There are many
>> very intelligent people who subscribe to both conservative or liberal
views on
>> politics, culture and society.
>>    I guess, depending on why we think we're on this planet in the first place
>> will determine which side of the isle we're on. If it's to help make the
>> country we live in the biggest industrialized leader on the planet then this
>> will probably lead to more politically conservative values. If you
believe tha
>> our purpose here on this globe is to sustain a quality of life unrelated to
>> material goods and money then perhaps an entirely different set of political
>> values will emerge. Then there's everything in the middle.
>>    People just have different views of what our purpose on this planet is. I
>> for one am not sure and don't claim to have any answers. I do wish that
>> would be a little less arrogant in there assesment of those with whom they
>> disagree and more understanding of how and why people think differently. If
>> this attitude was the norm, I do not believe that we'd be leading ourselves
>> down the self destructive path that we have been.
>>    I challenge all of you to subscribe to a liberal listserver and make an
>> attempt to bridge a gap and bring us closer together. I'm not asking you to
>> agree with them, just understand where they're coming from. We've been taught
>> to since childhood to polarize ourselves - boys against girls, teamB against
>> teamA, schoolA against schoolB, Redwings v Blackhawks, and Liberals v
>> Conservatives. This type of polarization, IMHO has clouded our subjectivity
>> many times  to the point where we will be much more likely to to discredit
>> those who align themselves with the opposing party than to think objectively
>> about the issues at hand. I found out last week that Plato has a lot to say
>> on this matter.
>>    Anyhow, I can't deal with it any longer. The arrogance (unrelated to
>> conservatism, I think) is too frustrating.
>>    It's been fun though.
>>    Peace.
>> *Could someone please let me know how to unsubscribe. I never got
>> info for this new server.
>> Miles

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