Lurker Alert!!!!!

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Wed Jul 5 11:12:29 MDT 1995

This was brought to total vision by the incredibly hypocritic comment
from Mr. C himself when  he told Japan that the way to get their
economy growing again was to cut taxes. HA!!!!
Yep - Do as I say, not as I do
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>Date: Tuesday, July 04, 1995 11:23AM
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>>Dennis Jr.,  I have the same question.  In all seriousness I would like
>>to know if Clinton and his cronies are really so deluded that they think
>>their ideas will work (despite documented failure of these same policies
>>in other countries)  or have they made a calculated decision to destroy
>>our country?  I don't understand either motivation.  Why would they want
>>to implement policies that have wreaked havoc on other countries, such as
>>socialized medicine in Canada.  We can simply observe that it does not
>>work well.  If they choose to ignore the facts and proceed anyway with
>>full knowlege that it is detrimental to our great country, they must have
>>its destruction as their aim.  Either motivation is completely
>>incomprehensible to me.  Can anyone shed light on this for me??  Kate
>I think there are people in his administration that, mis-guided as they are,
>really believe this stuff. They beleive the only reason it hasn't worked
>is because THEY haven't done it. They are theoriticians and have never
>had to deal with the realities of life, the theories always worked on paper
>for them so they cannot fathom why they won't work in the real world if done
>'properly' (i.e. by them). Clinton on the other hand obivously doesn't
>believe it or doesn't care. He is only interested in himself and in the
>existing moment. This is clearly deomonstrated by his constant lieing,
>and waffling on every issue in order to cater to the special interest
>group he is targeting at the time.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL

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