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Wed Jul 5 12:47:50 MDT 1995

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>   I can't believe that anyone on the right can actually think that members of
>the liberal community are as dumb as you all (maybe not all) would chalk them
>up to be.As Dennis says "I taught them the best that the 'left' had to offer
>(that took 10 seconds)" To me that is sooo rude. This means that millions of
>intelligent liberals in Dennis's view don't have anything to offer to a growing
>boy. I just don't understand for the life of me why that type of arrogance can
>even be allowed. But I'm trying to understand it's origins. There are many
>very intelligent people who subscribe to both conservative or liberal views on
>politics, culture and society.
Hardly arrogant, if and when the political 'left' comes up with something good
I'll among the first to support it. You have been challanged befor on this
issue and as I recall you have yet to come up with any thing good the 'left'
has contributed. Please help me convert, give me a concrete example of
something good from the 'left.'
>   I guess, depending on why we think we're on this planet in the first place
>will determine which side of the isle we're on. If it's to help make the
>country we live in the biggest industrialized leader on the planet then this
>will probably lead to more politically conservative values. If you believe that
>our purpose here on this globe is to sustain a quality of life unrelated to
>material goods and money then perhaps an entirely different set of political
>values will emerge. Then there's everything in the middle.
>   People just have different views of what our purpose on this planet is. I
>for one am not sure and don't claim to have any answers. I do wish that people
>would be a little less arrogant in there assesment of those with whom they
>disagree and more understanding of how and why people think differently. If
>this attitude was the norm, I do not believe that we'd be leading ourselves
>down the self destructive path that we have been.
I still don't understand your definition of arrogance, please clarify.
Political descent is NOT arrogance, although these days if it comes from
a conservative it is 'hate speech' and partisianship. When a conservative
agrees with a liberal then he/she is considered courageous, now that could
be considered arrogance. Unlike the 'left' I am willing to listen to opposing
views but when I disagree I'll say so and that is not arrogance.
>   I challenge all of you to subscribe to a liberal listserver and make an
>attempt to bridge a gap and bring us closer together. I'm not asking you to
>agree with them, just understand where they're coming from. We've been taught
>to since childhood to polarize ourselves - boys against girls, teamB against
>teamA, schoolA against schoolB, Redwings v Blackhawks, and Liberals v
>Conservatives. This type of polarization, IMHO has clouded our subjectivity
>many times  to the point where we will be much more likely to to discredit
>those who align themselves with the opposing party than to think objectively
>about the issues at hand. I found out last week that Plato has a lot to say
>on this matter.
I have and the ones I subscribed to were nothing more than ad homenim
attacks on all conservatives. Nothing constructive was offered just like the
'left' in DC. They have nothing of their own to offer so they simply launch
personnal attacks on conservatives.
>   Anyhow, I can't deal with it any longer. The arrogance (unrelated to
>conservatism, I think) is too frustrating.
>   It's been fun though.
>   Peace.
Too bad, you'll be missed. But as the namesake of this list says, "You must
have the courage to beleive the truth." Otherwise you will go crazy when
you are confronted with it.
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