electric vehicles?

Larry E. Cunningham LEC4%Hin%GsSgo at BANGATE.PGE.COM
Wed Jul 5 13:44:23 MDT 1995

    Do I think that CARB has been doing a good job? Only to a point.They can
honestly say that over the last 30 years that the amount of pollution has
dropped in the L.A. basin,taking in account population increases,increased
number of vehicles and miles driven by them.However,mandating Zev's(not lev's)
and not trying to reduce the amount of pollution caused by diesel powered
vehicles is silly.And equally silly is trying to regulate the amount of
pollution put out by backyard barbecues as the SCAQMD has done or expressing
the desire to put catalitic converters on lawnmowers.
                                        Larry C.
p.s. i see that you're going to unsubscribe.Well let me say Godspeed amd even
though i may not agreed with your posts I always enjoyed reading them.Hope you
do luke around like KATY suggested.
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Sent by:"Miles R. West" <MWEST1 at etcv01.eld.ford.com>
 I think either CARB should either redifine ZEV's (zero emission vehicles)
or require 2% LEV's (low emmision vehicles) such as natural gas or other
alternative fuels. Frankly I'm not sure if California's target is for
LEV's or ZEV's. Anyone? Either way, the air in southern California needs
serious help.

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