electric vehicles?

Larry E. Cunningham LEC4%Hin%GsSgo at BANGATE.PGE.COM
Wed Jul 5 13:57:13 MDT 1995

        Plus add in the fact that the lawmakers here cannot see that their
high taxation rates are driving business out of the state to places like
Arizona or Nevada.
                                        Larry Cunningham
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 Larry writes:
>        In 1998 California will mandate that 2% of vehicles offered for sale
>here will be "zero emission"vehicles.This percentage will rise over a few
Just another example of why California's economy is going to continue to
dive.  Business' no longer can put up with this garbage.
We should outlaw Volcanoes, the produce enough CFC to equal billions of cars.
 Funny how the ozone is still there after centuries of volcanoes.  Hmmm,
could the environmental whackos be missing something?!

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