Freon, sweat and rich liberals

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Wed Jul 5 14:33:04 MDT 1995

Larry writes:
>You would then have the
>eco-nuts running around predicting gloom and doom about di-hydrogen monoxide
>poisoning the atmosphere and creating massive cloud cover causing global
>cooling or hyperactive greenhouse effect.Same that they did with Freon.
>I'm getting sick of the chicken littles.
>                                        Larry Cunningham
Last week I took a half day of leave to try to get new tires and the AC fixed
on the family mustang.  The guy at the AC place said, "if you've never had the
AC charged up, it'll probably be ok  with just evacuating and recharging it,
about 50 bucks."  I told him to go ahead.  15 minutes later he comes back to
tell me that my evaporator is busted and the compressor leaks and that he had
to take all the freon out due to federal law.  NOW, I've spent fifty three
dollars and have an AC that doesn't work at all!  In South Florida on a sunny
afternoon, with the sweat dripping from every bodypart, I have plenty of
reason to be dissgusted with rich liberals using bad science to tell me what
to do.  I think my cousin, Bubba, has a vacuum pump and a supply of freon.
Guess what I'm going to do?
BTW  I got new tires after paying $324. (4$ were "disposal fees")
Sam Teel

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