Freon, sweat and rich liberals

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Wed Jul 5 15:26:00 MDT 1995

     We have a talk host here in SF named Bill Wattenberg (hope I got the
spelling right) who has been screaming about this for the last year or so.
 He is a Ph.D. in Engineering, and has extensive knowledge in chem. and
     His take on the Freon situation is that 1) there is no proof that Freon
is dangerous sufficient to cause all this regulatory BS, and 2) the
substitute chemicals which are to be used as refrigerants are probably as
dangerous environmentally, (assuming that there is a danger) and at the same
time are more dangerous to people in other respects.
     His biggest point is the cost.  That all the money we spend as a result
of this is going to waste because the "fat ass bureaucrats" (Dr. Bill's
term) want to regulate everyone to death.  And all to no purpose.
Steve Laib

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