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Wed Jul 5 16:43:04 MDT 1995

On 07-05-95, Ed Jones said:
A.>If you really want a laugh, check out the democrit national committee
A.>page at
A.>     http:/
A.>It just proves that they are bankrupt in the arena of ideas and that
A.>only thing they are capable of doing is to attempt to vilify and
A.>Republicans in general and Mr. Newt and Rush in particular.
A.>They have now really shown their true colors!!!!
My wife and I recently took the plunge and ordered basic cable, which
includes C-SPAN.  On Saturday, I watched the National College Democrats'
Conference coverage, which had Chris Dodd (D-my state of Connecticut) as
the keynote speaker.  The head of the Coll. Dems. introduced him saying
that he was the guy who's been "sticking it to Haley Barbour since
January, and will keep sticking it to Haley Barbour until the Democrats
regain control of the House."  I watched about 10 minutes of it, and got
sick of hearing them do NOTHING but trash Newt, Dole, Gramm and everything
thats been right in the capitol since January.  You'd think that they'd
cover some policy issues, wouldn't you?
I was reminded that the Democrats don't have a center, which is fine by
me, because it was a lack of center that kept republicans from majority in
the house for 40 years.  As long as they continue in the "hate-all-
republicans" mode, we will keep control of both houses for a long, long
time, and win back the white house.  Heck, Ross Perot may even make a
stronger showing than Clinton, relagating the dems to third party status
(where they belong).
That's all for now.
Oh, I just found a decent mail reader, so you may hear more from me.
Jim Hilliard
Jim.Hilliard at Circellar.Com

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