Freon, sweat and rich liberals

Wed Jul 5 17:40:15 MDT 1995

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>        Sam,
>  Just think, in another couple of years after the supply of r-12 runs
>out,you'll have the pleasure of forking out $1200 to 1500 dollars to retro-fit
>your Mustang to use the new "ozone friendly" r-134.Only if you want to use
>your AC,though.
>  I remember reading an article by the CEI institute that reported that if all
>the chloroflourocarbons ever manufactured were released in to the air at
>once,the effect would be like moving south 50 miles.
I hope you don't believe this garbage. There is no proof at all that this
is true. In fact evidence indicates this is bunk. A NASA study of the
eruption Mt. Pinatubo(sp?) a year or so ago showed it emitted more ozone
depleting chemicals in one belch than humans can produce and release in 100
>  Last June my central air system stopped making cold air right when it got to
>117 f here.(Murphy's Law will get you every time)Well with my wifes urging I
>went down to the local Chief's auto and convinced the clerk that the
>prohibitions on Freon only applied to k-12 and not r-22.He sold me 4 pounds of
>r-22 and I went home and put it in my A/C and even now enjoy cold air in my
>  I later found out that if I had a re-sellers license,one could go to
>Price-Costco get a business card and purchase it after stating in writing that
>it was for re-sale and not personal use.Yeah,like they are going to be the
>Freon Police.
>                                       Larry Cunningham
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>           but not owned by PG&E
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> Larry writes:
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>Last week I took a half day of leave to try to get new tires and the AC fixed
>on the family mustang.  The guy at the AC place said, "if you've never had the
>AC charged up, it'll probably be ok  with just evacuating and recharging it,
>about 50 bucks."  I told him to go ahead.  15 minutes later he comes back to
>tell me that my evaporator is busted and the compressor leaks and that he had
>to take all the freon out due to federal law.  NOW, I've spent fifty three
>dollars and have an AC that doesn't work at all!  In South Florida on a sunny
>afternoon, with the sweat dripping from every bodypart, I have plenty of
>reason to be dissgusted with rich liberals using bad science to tell me what
>to do.  I think my cousin, Bubba, has a vacuum pump and a supply of freon.
>Guess what I'm going to do?
>BTW  I got new tires after paying $324. (4$ were "disposal fees")
>Sam Teel
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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