The ozone scare

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Wed Jul 5 17:53:00 MDT 1995

I hope you don't believe this garbage. There is no proof at all that this
is true. In fact evidence indicates this is bunk. A NASA study of the
eruption Mt. Pinatubo(sp?) a year or so ago showed it emitted more ozone
depleting chemicals in one belch than humans can produce and release in 100
 Dennis Putnam
Right On Dennis,
BTW, have you noticed any environmentalists our there protesting against
volcanoes, or lobbying for them to be corked up?  I sure haven't.  And these
same activists are ignoring the results of massive natural sources of
chlorine containing gasses while heaping the blame on good ole' American air
It's a sorry state of affairs.
Steve Laib

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