Gingrich & The Internet

Mr. Groko nosilla at CHAOS.TAYLORED.COM
Wed Jul 5 18:50:11 MDT 1995

> On Sun, 2 Jul 1995, Robert Ostrea wrote:
> > > I think this is a GREAT development.  It shows that Gingrich is indeed
> > concerned about the rights of the net surfer, while realizing how
> > difficult it would be to enforce if the legislation were actually
> > enacted.  He's also taking into consideration that certain individuals
> > and/or companies would be targeted on an arbitrary basis under this
> > bill, because it doesn't specifically state which types of "obscenity"
> > are acceptable or not.
> > > Anyone else have any comments? > > > > -------------------------
> > Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
> > San Francisco/Los Angeles
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> >
I believe this is truly great news.
I'm hoping to see SOMEONE in congress that has some understanding of the
issues involved here.  From listening to Exon it is quite apparent that
he is completely clueless.
> I think its a great development, too.  The downside items I would worry
> about if the bill were to pass are the implications on wiretapping and other
> kinds of eavesdropping.  I haven't read the bill yet, but wouldn't this give
> some entities in government almost free reign to listen in on not only
> anyone's Internet activity, but virtually anyones's phone, fax, or other
> type of electronic communication?
> Need someone to comment on this, too! :)   Thanx!
Couple that along with the fact the Freeh, the director of the FBI, has
publicly stated that he wants to outlaw any form of encryption that the
'gummint' can't crack.
They can have my encryption key when they pry it from my cold, dead

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