The ozone scare

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jul 6 07:41:22 MDT 1995

As long as we're at it, lets just add pigs, sheep, and any other
agricultural animal raised in quantities.  They all produce astronomical
amounts of liquid and solid waste and the disposal problem is HUGE!  I work
w/a guy whose been conducting a research project for the last 5+ yrs. on pig
waste disposal problems in southern MI.  The project is now being recognized
as a model for similar problems thruout the U.S. and beyond.  This ag animal
"crap" has really been quite interesting.  I could go into a much longer
essay on the varying approaches and possible solutions to this waste problem
but I don't have the time and not sure if anyone is really interested.  Has
to do w/recycling it for distribution on farm land while still trying to
protect surface and groundwater contamination.  What falls from above (no
matter the distance) to the ground eventually makes its way to your mouth.
If you think abt. it, it can be pretty gruesome.  I think its most dangerous
to humans, tho, if consumed in concentrated quantities; small amounts can be
battled within a healthy body.  I'm assuming you have an idea of the
bacteria (E-Coli) being referenced here.  But that's ground stuff, you're
talking methane, the stuff that goes up.  Well, this research is trying to
address that problem as well.  By way of a special drying process they are
trying to elminate as much odor and bacteria as possible prior to
distributing on farm land.  Anyway, enough "bs", y'all have a
beaooooooootiful day!   Cindy B.
>Yep,they sure are.Methane.Puts new meaning to the term "Natural" gas.
>                                         Larry Cunningham
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> I meant to put this in the other message, But am I wrong, or aren't cows
>a big source of air pollution. I've got one thing to say to the
>environmentalists "Moo yall".

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