More opinion on Ruby Ridge

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Thu Jul 6 08:06:49 MDT 1995

The Department of Justice reports:
> Our review found numerous problems with the conduct of the FBI at Ruby
>Ridge. Although we concluded that the decision to deploy the HRT to Ruby
>Ridge was appropriate and consistent with Department policy, we do not
>believe that the FBI's initial attempts at intelligence gathering at the
>scene were sufficiently thorough. We also found serious problems with the
>terms of the Rules of Engagement in force at Ruby Ridge.  Certain portions
>of these Rules not only departed from the FBI's standard deadly force policy
>but also contravened the Constitution of the United States.
          Which from the DOJ/DC point of view seems to be about as serious an
          offence as the personal use of a government cell phone.
And they call me(and the NRA) a hate monger because I point out the truth;
the National Police can shoot you for just about any reason they desire and
be PROMOTED!  I should start a marksman/career advancement class for federal
agents;  Come one, Come all, advance your career by learning how to shoot
women and children!  Sniper training is followed in the afternoon with arson
and evidence removal techniques.  Be promoted faster! Take your shot for a
fast track career!
I realize that the above is very sick sarcasm, and that individuals performed
these killings, and not all agents, even of the batf, supported those actions.
However, as a representative of any of the organizations that I belong to,
the impetus is upon ME to clean up the acts of that organization or to get out.
As an attempt to get a balanced view, does anyone remember a  case where a
federal LEO has been prosecuted and convicted for an unlawful killing?  I can't.
And why do we have 17 federal agencies with law enforcement missions?  Where
in the Constitution is that authorized?
Sam Teel,   yeah, yeah, you know the story

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