Ruby Ridge Report

Thu Jul 6 13:15:04 MDT 1995

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>Sam pointed out that the gov't admitted that the FBI's rules of engagement
>were not constitutional "if you see 'em, shoot 'em" was a quote from an
>There was also a second constitutional violation admitted by the report,
>just as amazing as the first - Captain David Neal of the Idaho State
>Police heard a US Marshal say that the Marshals shot first.  (keep in mind
>that the gun battle with the marshals and its fatal consequences brought
>in the FBI, APCs, helicopters, snipers, etc) Before and during trial this
>information was concealed from the defense.  As the report said, "the
>prosecutor [had] breached his 'constitutional duty to disclose.'"
>It makes amazing reading.
>John Nebel
Actually that part was not a secret. One of the few things that was known
about the incident was how the death of the marshalls and younger Weaver
occured. At that time federal agents had staked out the Weaver shack for
something like 38 days and had not identified themselves and the Weavers
were unaware they were being watched. Weaver's son and Ron Harris went outside
to do some hunting with the dog. The Marshalls, getting impatient, made the
decision to 'take the dog out of the picture.' When the dog discovered the
marshall he shot the dog. Remember the Weavers did not yet know they were
under servaliance. Thinking they were being assaulted the younger Weaver
opened fire then turned to run. Still not identifying themselves the
Marshalls opened fire and hit young Weaver twice killing him. At the same time
Harris opened fire and killed one of the marshals. That is the point at which
details started falling apart and no one really knows what happened except
the feds. What is know is that the seige started and cost the life of Vicki
Weaver. It is important to note that young Weaver was shot in the back and
both Harris and Randy Weaver were also wounded from behind while retreating.
And of course everyone knows Vicki Weaver was shot in the face armed with an
'assault baby.'

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