Ruby Ridge Report

John Nebel nebel at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Thu Jul 6 17:35:54 MDT 1995

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995, Dennis Putnam wrote:
[cut] about US Marshal firing first
> Actually that part was not a secret. One of the few things that was known
> about the incident was how the death of the marshalls and younger Weaver
> occured. At that time federal agents had staked out the Weaver shack for
I agree.  The amazing part was the justice department admitting to a
constitutional violation.  They were naturally a bit tricky about it.
They admitted that the US Attorney didn't tell the defense that a State
Police Officer heard a marshal say he shot first.  The violation was of
In another section of the report they admitted that the marshals were not
separated after the shooting and that "gave the appearance" they were
getting their stories straight.  They never admitted that the marshals
actually did shoot first nor that they were in any way lying.
Essentially the report was a cover-up but the Justice Department still
had to admit two constitutional violations.
They did mention Waco in the Ruby Ridge report - perhaps the lesson applied
to WACO was to fry 'em all and leave as few things as possible to later
show up in court.
John Nebel

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