Ruby Ridge Report

Thu Jul 6 18:27:05 MDT 1995

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>Seven months is not an extraordinary long time.  "Technical", maybe, but at
>what point is it not technical?  Is it 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8
>inch, 1/2 inch?  Again, giving someone a chance to enter into plea agreement
>of some kind before indictment is not unusual.
Actually that is not the issue. The court ruled that it was a case of
entrapment. What really happened is that a BATF agent became friends with
Randy Weaver. The agent then began badgering Weaver to sell him a shotgun.
Weaver refused but the agent was persistant and finally Weaver gave in.
The agent then asked Weaver to cut it for him. Weaver apparently didn't
have a ruler handy so the agent pointed to a spot on the barrel and said,
"cut it there." Weaver though it was legal length and made the cut,
unfortunately he guessed wrong by 1/16 to 1/4 inch short. Clearly there was
no intent by Weaver to purposely sell an illegal shotgun. But that's not
where things went wrong, it was later that the BATF got crazy. The BATF
asked Weaver to turn informant by infiltrating a militia and reporting
to the BATF. Weaver refused so the BATF then persued the illegal weapons
charge. Here is where it gets really crazy. The court accidently sent Weaver
the wrong court date so when he didn't show up the judge issued a bench
warrant. When Weaver showed up on the wrong date he was arrested and given
another date then released. At that point Weaver was understandably pissed
at the system so he refused to appear at the second date. It was then that
US Marshals put his shack under servailance but never walked up to the door
to serve the second warrant. After some 38 days of waiting for Weaver to
do something they could use as evidence of additional crimes (they knew
by this time the illegal weapons charge wouldn't hold up) they get impatient
and the rest is tragic history.

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