The ozone scare

Larry E. Cunningham LEC4%Hin%GsSgo at BANGATE.PGE.COM
Thu Jul 6 18:38:51 MDT 1995

        I think I remember reading that the EPA or some other goverment agency
doing a study on the feasability of putting catalitic converters or some such
nonsense on cows to reduce their "emissions".Does anyone else remember seeing
this or something related?
                                Larry Cunningham
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 Don't say cows, liberals hate them.  They don't like meat so neither should
we.  The methane they release just gives liberals another reason to hate
them.  Not to mention the fact that they eat: HORROR  OF HORRORS - Grass!
 Don't you know cows are causing erosion and using up water etc etc. Blah
Next thing you know, people who pass too much gas will have to wear a
-Darin (anxiously waiting for 1996!)
==============================================I meant to put this in the
other message, But am I wrong, or aren't cows
a big source of air pollution. I've got one thing to say to the
environmentalists "Moo yall".

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