More opinion on Ruby Ridge

Fri Jul 7 08:38:39 MDT 1995

Sam and all,
In addition to the numerous agencies (Federal) charged with enforcement, what
about the FIFTY-SEVEN (57) Federal agencies authorized to carry firearms in the
performance of their official duties??? Is there such a hazard to, for example,
Postal workers (disgruntled employees aside) that they need this "power" to
protect themselves.
This is NOT to say that I am against the God-given right of self-protection,
nor even against the carriage (?) of concealed weapons... indeed, I am all for
that privelage, when granted across the board to all decent, law-abiding
citizens, and have done my small part in lobbying for same.  But I DO wonder
about the extent of such seemingly liberal carry practices, when I, as a
serving member of the U.S. ARMY cannot.  In my own case, I am a past pistol
champion of the 82nd Airborne Division, and am reasonably competant with a
number of sidearms, but there is NO potential process to allow me the "right"
to carry concealed firearms to protect myself and my family.
I do know that when I return to the US (I am currently stationed in Germany),
whatever state I am in will soon see an application for a Concealed Weapon
Permit.  And I WILL use it.  Florida's (and all the other states, 6+ this year
alone) Concealed Weapon laws have simply worked, with virtually NO misuse, too
much for the libs to be able to sweep under the rug.  Fortunately.
As an aside, can anyone tell me where to get the complete report that has been
quoted from (ref Ruby Ridge) so much lately?  Thanks.
Brad Hedges
I'm the NRA

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