Temporary Leave

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Fri Jul 7 08:09:09 MDT 1995

To All:  As of 5:00 EST (daylight savings time now) I will attempt to set my
rushtalk list to "no mail" for 3 wks. and will return Aug. 7.   I will miss
you all but plan to enjoy my visit to the fullest and not think abt. what's
goin on back here.  Just a little mental break.  My daughter is very excited
abt. playing soccer in another part of the world and I'm anxious to see her.
For those who don't know, my dtr. & I are travelling to Sweden and Denmark
for 2 Int'l soccer tournaments.  As neither of us have travelled beyond
Canada, this is a challenging experience to be treasured.  Keep up the
terrific work everyone and Dennis P. Jr. I believe will fill his daddy's
shoes very nicely.  See ya!   Cindy B.  8 ]

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