The ozone scare

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Fri Jul 7 12:52:02 MDT 1995

Hmmmmm. Is that why women in the 1880's wore bustles?   heh heh
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>Date: Thursday, July 06, 1995 8:12PM
>Don't say cows, liberals hate them.  They don't like meat so neither should
>we.  The methane they release just gives liberals another reason to hate
>them.  Not to mention the fact that they eat: HORROR  OF HORRORS - Grass!
> Don't you know cows are causing erosion and using up water etc etc. Blah
>Next thing you know, people who pass too much gas will have to wear a
>-Darin (anxiously waiting for 1996!)
>==============================================I meant to put this in the
>other message, But am I wrong, or aren't cows
>a big source of air pollution. I've got one thing to say to the
>environmentalists "Moo yall".

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