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Nick Kasoff nkasoff at WINS0.WIN.ORG
Sat Jul 8 10:56:24 MDT 1995

BRAVO from me too. Several points I'd like to make:
1. Unfortunately, for the most part, those candidates who focus on moral
issues are dismissed by the media as fringe candidates.  Even some of my
friends who are right-wing state representatives & senators and are very
firm on the moral issues avoid discussing them in their campaigns,
because they need more than just the right-wing vote to win elections.
As a right-winger & political organizer, I know that if we got 100% of
the pro-life & pro-gun people to vote, our candidates would always win
just on our own voters, but it ain't so.
2. The republican political establishment, even in conservative states
like Missouri, pushes its moderates to the top and leaves conservatives
to raise their own support and further their own careers.  Our two US
Senators, Bond & Ashcroft, were the ones who initiated OBE/America 2000
in Missouri.  And while they are both pro-life, Ashcroft didn't say a
word about the issue in his campaign, though pro-lifers worked hard for
him.  I publish a mass-circulation pro-life newspaper, and Ashcroft
wouldn't even send me a relevant press release -- just stuff about the
economy.  What a bunch of hot air.
The morals of this story:
1. We need conservatives in the media.  Every major TV news program, and
most print media, are totally controlled by liberals.  They are
brainwashing our country and giving Americans "libotomies."  While I
appreciate the value and power of alternative media -- my newspaper is
itself an alternative media -- we will always have an uphill battle until
we recapture the mainstream media.
2. We need conservatives in the Republican political structure.  As long
as we are fighting as outsiders, people like Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes
will not have a chance.
All of this will take work and money, and as someone who has had to
solicit laborers and funds for various projects, I know these are both in
short supply.  Any suggestions?

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