Susan Golding (Mayor of San Diego)

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Jul 10 11:46:51 MDT 1995

I've been hearing more and more about Mayor Susan Golding (R-San Diego)
possibly entering the race for Senate against Barbara Boxer in 1998.
Ms. Golding is extremely popular in Southern California and is
currently the leading contender for the Republican nomination.  There
is also talk about her running for governor if Lungren, for some
reason, decides not to.
I think she has a great chance against Boxer in 98.  For one thing,
Boxer won't be able to use the "I have breasts - elect me" line, like
she and Feinstein used in 92!  Does anyone know anything more about
Golding?  How about any other contenders for 98 (Senate/Governor)?
I also hear that Feinstein is considering a run for Sacramento in 1998
as well, since she'll have nothing to lose (her Senate term ends in
2000).  Who else?  Grey Davis, Kathleen Connell, Paul Horcher (ha!)...
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
San Francisco/Los Angeles
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