An open letter to Cong. Gephardt

Nick Kasoff nkasoff at WINS0.WIN.ORG
Mon Jul 10 12:47:23 MDT 1995

I am from St. Peters, MO, in the congressional district just west of the
People's Republic of Gephardt.  My Congressman, Jim Talent, is everything
that Tricky Dick should be.  Unfortunately, television does not permit
adequate targeting in urban areas, so I get stuck listening to Gephardt's
pack of lies & pandering every election.  It's disgusting.
On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, Robert Ostrea wrote:
> Nick, this is a great letter!  Too bad Gephardt's staff will just smirk
> and throw it away when they read it!  Perhaps you should send it to a
> major newspaper or magazine as an open letter?
> BTW where are you writing from in this great country?
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> Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
> San Francisco/Los Angeles
> RAOstrea at
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