An open letter to Cong. Gephardt

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Jul 10 15:04:33 MDT 1995

Steve writes:
>This is one hell of a letter,
>     I don't agree with everything in it, but the information and
>suggestions  need to be brought forward into the public agenda for
>discussion, commentary and political action as may be decided.
>     I am going to forward a copy to one of the local radio station
>show hosts whom I correspond with regularly here in San Francisco.  I
>that he will put it to good use.
>Keep writing,
>Steve Laib
Hey Steve, which talk show host do you regularly correspond with in San
Francisco?  I listen to a lot of KSFO, maybe I'll listen for the letter
on the air...
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
San Francisco/Los Angeles
RAOstrea at

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