An open letter to Cong. Gephardt

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Mon Jul 10 17:20:27 MDT 1995

Fantastic, Nick,
I listened to the talk show last Saturday with Gov. Cuomo as the host.
He had Robert Reissssssssssssssssssssssssssssch on as a guest and they
were talking about why is it that today's middle class citizen can't
live as well as their parents. Why things are so bad for them compared
to their partents, on and on and on. It was really sickening.
Of course there were people who called to tell them that it was their
fault and then Cuomo, sticking to the liberal way of doing things,
immediately cut them off.
Our local conservatiuve station, KVI, is carrying C uomo on tape delay
on Sat evenings.
Keep at em and full speed ahead.
Frank Peep
>From: Nick Kasoff  <nkasoff at WINS0.WIN.ORG>
>To: Multiple recipients of list RUSHTALK  <RUSHTALK at>
>Subject: An open letter to Cong. Gephardt
>Date: Monday, July 10, 1995 12:28PM
>[This letter was sent to the Congressman in response to his recent speech
>to the National Assn. of Radio Talk Show Hosts]
>Dear Congressman Gephardt:
>I recently read your speech to the National Association of Radio Talk Show
>Hosts.  While I appreciate the concern you often mention for the future of
>the middle class -- a concern which you made the centerpiece of your
>speech that day -- I feel qualified, as a member of the middle class, to
>inform you that your concern is misplaced and misguided. First, as regards
>the status of the middle class, it is better today than at any time in
>history. I, a mere computer programmer with a Bachelor's degree, am able
>to live a far better life than my parents, both of whom have advanced
>degrees. My house, twice the size of any they've owned, was built new and
>to my specifications. I live in a beautiful suburban neighborhood, just a
>few miles from anything a person could desire. My home is beautifully
>designed and decorated, and is adorned with modern conveniences my
>grandparents could never have imagined. We own two cars -- and have a two
>car garage in which to park them. And despite all this luxury, which I am
>thankful that I had the opportunity to earn by my own labor -- my wife has
>never worked outside the home.
>But though I am thankful for the material luxuries which my middle class
>income affords, there are other things which are more important. I am
>thankful for the right to belong to the religion of my choice, without
>persecution or harassment. I am also proud of my involvement in politics,
>which has been substantial and effective. Because of the protection of our
>Constitution, the voice of an ordinary individual such as myself can be
>powerful and effective. But as a middle class American, I am afraid that
>the future will not provide the fabulous opportunities with which I have
>been blessed. And at the risk of being accused, as you said of the talk
>show hosts, of pointing fingers, let me identify those who I believe are
>destroying our future.
>I see an ever-increasing welfare system, which provides two-thirds of its
>benefits to its own employees, with the remainder going to a group who are
>mostly the victims of self-inflicted trauma. Liberal politicians, who have
>held our nation's government captive for two generations, are sustaining
>this system because it is the best way to sustain their power. Or do you
>deny that those Congressional districts with the highest portion of
>welfare recipients also have the most liberal representation?
>Our President, who should be the political and personal leader of our
>nation, has made a mockery of the office and his constituents. Is it any
>wonder that drug use has increased dramatically under a President who
>"didn't inhale"? Are you surprised that se xually related diseases, and
>the personal destruction associated with promiscuity, has escalated
>dramatically under a President who makes jokes about having astro-turf in
>the bed of his El Camino? But the President's allies in Congress are no
>less guilty, serving as willing accomplices to his corrupting plans at
>nearly every turn.
>Government and educational institutions are destroying the moral fiber of
>our nation by promoting destructive behavior. While we know that the only
>economically viable unit for sustaining the middle class is the
>traditional family, our children are taught that alternative families are
>equally legitimate. And although sexual deviance, including homosexuality
>and promiscuity, are responsible for almost all communicable diseases, our
>children are taught that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative, and
>th at sex between children is okay if a condom is used. Children who are
>taught these things grow up to be the most troubled members of society,
>from the addicts who patronize the drug dealers of the inner city and the
>striptease and pornography shops, to the divorced and single mothers who are
>condemned to a lifetime of poverty. Your policies have created these
>problems, which may in fact be impossible to solve in my lifetime.
>I am also concerned that the arm of government power is being used against
>the most decent and noble element of society, while protecting the most
>vile and destructive. Congress recently attempted to reimposed censorship
>on talk radio by means of the "Fairness Doctrine." But it continues to
>fund Public Broadcasting, which consistently advocates the most liberal
>viewpoint on every issue. You are hoping to hurt the financial condition
>of our churches by eliminating the deductibility of religious
>contributions in your "tax reform" while continuing to support the
>National Endowment for the Arts. The government attacked and killed a
>peaceful religious community in Waco, while U.S. Marshalls are protecting
>abortion clinics in which a million babies are murdered every year. And
>while Congress attempts to further erode the right of law abiding
>Americans to own firearms, our society becomes more dangerous every day
>because of a loose criminal justice system which you've done nothing to
>Finally, I am concerned that our economic standard of living will soon be
>destroyed by a federal government which no ordinary citizen can hope to
>control. While many wives have gone to work to help support their family,
>the increase in taxes over the past two generations has entirely absorbed
>her income. So today, children have no mother so that we can support a
>larger government. What more can we sacrifice to the ravenous federal
>monster, now that our own families have fallen victim to its unsatisfiable
>As one of the most powerful members of the minority party, there
>are many things you could do, if you were truly interested in preserving
>the future of the middle class. I suggest a few:
>1. Become a spokesman for the moral people of America. Push for a
>government which supports abstinence from premarital sex, which does not
>make a joke out of illegal drug use, which encourages people to work,
>marry, have families, and lead healthy, productive lives.
>2. Become an advocate of dramatically reducing the federal government. I
>don't simply mean trimming a few corners to keep the great federal machine
>running -- You must go far beyond even the modest proposals which the
>Republicans have advanced.
>3. Become an example of honest campaigning. Voters of both parties were
>disgusted at the barrage of lies which you put forth in your last
>campaign. It was only by virtue of your huge budget that you were not cast
>out of office. But you have continued the cam paign of disinformation
>since the election, constantly misrepresenting the Republican position on
>almost every issue, and also misleading us about your own positions.
>I hope that the concern which you are always expressing, for the future of
>the middle class and our nation, is sincere. I know that you can't
>honestly look at the policies which our government has implemented over
>the past several decades, and the devasta ting effect they have had on our
>nation, and suggest that we stay the course. If your concern for the
>middle class is genuine, you will not only support the proposals which the
>Republicans are now trying to implement, but will go far beyond them. This
>reborn Congressman, Gephardt the Revolutionary, would be a true friend of
>the middle class and every American.
>Nick Kasoff

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