Censorship Chip

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jul 11 11:05:37 MDT 1995

Nick and Robert respond:
> From: Nick Kasoff <nkasoff at WINS0.WIN.ORG>
> Subject:      Re: Censorship Chip
> Perhaps we'll need a federally mandated v-chip in all tvs to guarantee
> that access is universal.  Or perhaps the government should fund tvs for
> the poor -- why should large screen & picture-in-picture be only for the
> rich?
> More important questions:
> 1. Who will classify programs?
I assume it will be a panel similar to the one that reviews movies.
> 2. Will we get more broadcasted smut now that the "shielding children"
> argument no longer applies?
Most likely we will,  but I think we will anyway.  I have seen more of
cops behinds than I ever thought I would ;)  tv has gone to the lowest
common denominator.
Robert writes:
>Why can't the parent just not buy a tv set?  Or don't have cable?
I don't have cable now but broadcast tv is so common that it's like
saying, "Don't use those incandesence(sp) light bulbs, they make every-
thing look yellow" where now tv makes everyone look like trash.
> I
>don't see how effective a v-chip can be against deterring young people
>from watching certain programs unintended for them.  Currently, minors
>can't buy alcohol, cigarettes, porno magazines, pot, you name it!  But
>they end up doing it anyway!
This is true, but where I can control it, I will.
> How's this chip going to work? Do the
>parents have to program the chip to block out certain movies!!!  (With
>the way parents are computer illiterate nowadays, this won't work!)
As I understand, it will be a simple secret code to change the major
category abality of the set.  Set it to G and only G rating shows come
out.  My point is that this chip gives back some control to parents to
restrict the viewing habits of their children.  Individuals are given
more power.
Sam Teel,
BTW are my posts getting line-wraped on your email systems?

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