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Thought some of you TV junkies might want to read this. :)
     As noted in last week's FAX (Vol. 2, No. 28), President Clinton's
re-election team has launched an onslaught of political ads to prove
the President is tough on crime.  Unfortunately what these ads prove
is the Clinton Administration is tough on the truth!  One of the
political spots refers to a Houston police officer who was shot and
almost killed by Wayne Bunch.  While the President's "spin doctors"
blame this incident on so-called "assault weapons," they neglected to
mention the fact that Bunch, a 42 year-old criminal, was freed from
prison on early parole.  A second Clinton ad tells the tragic story of
two FBI agents who were shot inside a Washington, D.C. police station.
Not surprisingly, the TV ad again blames the mythical "assault
weapon."  But, dig a little deeper and we discover that the gunman,
Bennie Lee Lawson, Jr., was able to perpetrate this heinous crime
because he was freed from prison on early parole.  Notably absent from
both ads is any mention whatsoever of the fact that the mere
possession of any firearm by these criminals violated long-standing
federal firearms laws.  If the President is open to a little friendly
advice, we'd suggest that like the NRA, he focus his efforts on
tightening the loopholes in our criminal justice system that allow
violent criminals to be paroled from prison and free to kill at will!
Source: NRA

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