Censorship Chip

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Tue Jul 11 15:38:47 MDT 1995

Nick writes:
would be a good and simple thing to do is make a television which can be
programmed to limit channel selection based on time of day, so that
parents could allow their children only to watch what they have approved
of.  It would have the same effect as your censorship chip, without
involvement of the government or a rating board, and encouraging
(requiring) greater parental involvement in their children's viewing
If your not there to see what they are watching unplug the damn thing!
 Parents already have this control, they simply need to use it.
Furthermore, Rush pointed out today that the DSS system already has all of
these capabilities.  Has it ocurred to anyone that if the market wants this
then the market will supply it.  We don't need another law to sit on the
books until heck freezes just to give us a chip for our TVs!!!!!!!!
Sam, you should know better than to believe Klinton anyway.
-Darin (I spell it Klinton because Miles has quit and he is not here to show
me a better way....his way of course....:)

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