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Dennis Putnam,Jr. RPSGT at AOL.COM
Tue Jul 11 17:52:58 MDT 1995

In a message dated 95-07-11 12:21:10 EDT, you write:
>Why can't the parent just not buy a tv set?  Or don't have cable?  I
>don't see how effective a v-chip can be against deterring young people
>from watching certain programs unintended for them.  Currently, minors
>can't buy alcohol, cigarettes, porno magazines, pot, you name it!  But
>they end up doing it anyway!  How's this chip going to work? Do the
>parents have to program the chip to block out certain movies!!!  (With
>the way parents are computer illiterate nowadays, this won't work!)  I
>assume the parents will have to hide the controls from their kids?
>Proponents of this legislation claim that they can't always keep an eye
>on their kids because of their busy schedules.  Well, how are they
>going to know when these kids go over to their friends house to watch
>an R-rated movie?  Or to a movie theater?  (They tend not to check IDs
>It is my understanding that manufacturers would be required to offer a
>tv set with a v-chip, but not ALL new tvs are required to have one.
>This is so that parents can make the choice of whether they want one or
>not.  It would seem to me that the v-chip would make the tv set more
>expensive, and lower income people need to save as much money as they
>can; therefore, another problem exists.
>Frankly, I think this legislation is just smoke and mirrors - it does
>nothing but mandate manufacturers to insert a device that is meant to
>be a substitute for parenting.  When I have kids, I plan to have an
>open dialog with them and explain to them some of the undesirables that
>they might have seen (at home or at a friend's house).  As long as the
>child knows that you know and realize what's wrong is wrong, everything
>should be fine.  I was watching R-rated movies long before I was 17,
>but I recognize the good from the bad because of how my parents raised
>me.  A V-chip is NOT going to miraculously substitute for a caring
>Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
>San Francisco/Los Angeles
I couldn't agree with you more.  This is just an attempt of the government to
place more regulations on the people.  Once again they seem to think they
know how to raise you kids better than you.
Dennis Putnam, Jr.
Ashville, NC

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