Censorship Chip

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jul 12 19:49:46 MDT 1995

        Sam Teel, & others:
>I agree with him on the issue of creating a chip for tv's that captures
>the audience rating from broadcast signals
        I agree with the Bill-thing about creating this so-called chip.
I do not, & will never, agree that it should be mandated by the federal
governemnt, or any other governmental body. Let the manufacturers de-
cide whether or not to put one in; anything else is governmental inter-
ference in private industry.
        I don't know if the Bill-thing believes that it should be man-
dated by law. Whether he does or not, Sam, I will certainly hope that
you don't think it should be.
>I am concerned somewhat about this being a stepping stone to the
>"Clipper" encryption chip, but feel the benifit of parental control
>over the boob tube is of greater value than the alternative, smut for
        I have very grave doubts about this becoming a "Clipper" chip,
should the government ever get enough clout to require it by law. As for
parental control -- well, I think we've covered this one before. I have
the best control mechanism of all, for all you parents out there -- it's
called "the television stays off unless I'm in the room", or something
to that effect. It's called, "get to know the parents of your children's
friends, & let them know your standards". It's called getting completely
involved in your children's life. I know, you can't be there always. But
that's life, folks. Children are going to learn harsh lessons from life,
whether we like it or not. We can shelter them from the harshness until
it smacks them in the face; the lessons they learn then will be far more
destructive, believe me. Or, we can try to do our best to teach our
children; to watch the shows they want to watch with them, & talk to
them about what they've seen -- what did it mean, was it right or wrong,
& if so, why?
        We have a choice, folks -- we can take full responsibility for
our children & do our best ot keep them from seeing what we don't want
them to see; or we can demand the government do it for us. My choice is
obvious -- I refuse to allow anyone else to make it for me.
        The above comments are not to be construed as meaning that I
think Sam is irresponsible, or a bad parent. I think Sam is one heckuva
good man, & a darn good father who's worried about his daughter's fu-
Libertarian, pagan, pot-smoker, patriot -- DON'T TREAD ON ME!
madtom at ix.netcom.com
PS: Referring to the President as "The Bill-thing" is directly intended
to imply disrespect. Just because he's the President, doesn't mean I've
gotta respect the man; & even though I voted for him, I've lost all re-
spect that I once had for him. I will not engage in lies; I will call
the man a clown, & leave it at that.
        Anyone who doesn't like that knows where they can go.

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