Father Clinton & School Prayer

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Wed Jul 12 20:09:12 MDT 1995

Hearing the shouting and loud laughing, my wife ran into
the living room and asked, "Ni dzenma gao de!!! ???"
< What in hell is wrong with you ?>
I had just heard our Presidente declare that schools were
NOT religion-free zones and ask his education dept  to
make it clear to schools that Sally had the right to bring
her Bible to school, etc, etc, etc.
He was right there on the tube saying it.  But he had to
chew on his words, he had to swallow them, he had to
regurgitate them, but he finally got them out.  You saw
him and you could FEEL his utter pain in making these
Peter Jennings reported on it <BRIEFLY> and he, too, had
a twitch or two on his lips.
President Clinton is being dragged, kicking and screaming,
to the right, but it is not enough. Let's urge each other to
maintain our revolutionary zeal and get this President Waffle
out of office.
Regards, PapaPaul

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