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Larry E. Cunningham LEC4%Hin%GsSgo at BANGATE.PGE.COM
Wed Jul 12 23:16:03 MDT 1995

 As Michael points out,the capability to "parental lock " certain transponders
on c and ku-band has been there for years.I own one of these dishes and my IRD
has parental lock.I have used it a grand total of 0 zero times.I prefer to use
the old fashioned way of personally determining what programs my kids
can watch.
 I wish that the market could come out with a device that I read about in a SF
book a few years ago.The device was called an "AD-NIX".It would blackout all
commercials from your TV programming.I think that there are commercials out
there now that could compete with some of the more risque TV programs as far
as being smutty and having poor taste.
                                       Larry Cunningham
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Sent by:Michael Satterwhite <satterwh at NETCOM.COM>
 Aptmaster writes:
>Furthermore, Rush pointed out today that the DSS system already has all of
>these capabilities.  Has it ocurred to anyone that if the market wants this
>then the market will supply it.  We don't need another law to sit on the
>books until heck freezes just to give us a chip for our TVs!!!!!!!!
The capability has been there with C-Band / Ku-Band dishes for a long time.
As satellite systems progress ... and the market forces cable to catch up
... the capability can only expand. This is *WITHOUT* government mandate.
The Free Market works!
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