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This is very interesting.
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July 11, 1995                      call:   NRA Public Affairs
The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
(NRA-ILA) announced today that, since June 14, it has retained Failure
Analysis Associates (FaAA), an engineering and scientific consulting
firm, to assist in the analysis of information pertaining to the 1993
tragedy in Waco, Texas, which claimed the lives of four federal agents
and eighty-two civilians.
FaAA served as experts for General Motors in the X-car investigation
and more recently in the C/K pick-up truck probe in which they
investigated for GM the notorious NBC Dateline episode.  FaAA worked
on the analysis of the Challenger disaster and the Exxon Valdez oil
spill.  The firm recently completed widely publicized explosion
testing of ammonium nitrate fertilizer that is alleged to have been
used in the Oklahoma City bombing disaster.
"We conducted a nationwide search for the most appropriate experts for
this analysis," said NRA-ILA executive director Mrs. Tanya K.
Metaksa.  "We selected FaAA based on their long history, broad
expertise and specific experience in other governmental and high-
profile investigations.  Once FaAA completes its analysis, we will
make it available to the Congress.
"The legacy of the four agents and twenty-two children should be:
never again.  We believe science can help assure that legacy."
On Monday, June 26, Dr. John Moalli, Managing Engineer with FaAA,
arrived in Austin, Texas, to begin one phase of the analysis -- the
x-ray of fire-damaged guns and other materials retrieved from the
compound.  Said Dr. Moalli: "It was our understanding that we would be
able to examine guns and other materials and conduct X-ray and other
non-destructive analyses on which our scientific findings would be
based."  Equipped with a truck load of sophisticated analysis
equipment, the engineers were denied access to the guns and other
materials by Mr. Richard Scruggs, formerly personal assistant to
Attorney General Janet Reno and currently Counsel for Intelligence
Policy for the Department of Justice.
"We presented our background, credentials and explained the non-
destructive nature of our proposed analysis.  Mr. Scruggs refused
access to the evidence, until we revealed our client.  As a matter of
policy, unless authorized, FaAA does not reveal its clients. We were
retained to establish the facts regardless of client identity or
client preference."
"If the Clinton Administration wants to create the impression of a
cover-up, it's performing flawlessly," observed Mrs. Metaksa.
"Understanding that client identity is the sole condition stipulated
by Mr. Scruggs for access to the evidence, let us now proceed to
conduct X-ray and other non-destructive analyses."
Founded in 1967 by three Stanford University professors and two
Ph.D.-level Stanford Research Institute researchers, FaAA is now the
largest engineering firm in the nation devoted primarily to the
analysis and prevention of engineering- or science-related failures
and disasters.  FaAA employs 300 people, approximately seventy of whom
hold doctorates in their field of specialty.
Leading the investigation for FaAA is Dr. Roger L. McCarthy, FaAA CEO,
who recently completed his term on the President's Commission on the
National Medal of Science.  The core FaAA team on the Waco project
consists of five Ph.D.s from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Stanford and Purdue with expertise in the areas of
firearms technology, chemical engineering, fire cause and origin,
synthetic materials, non-destructive evaluation and acoustics.
June 2    -- First contact made between FaAA and outside counsel to
          NRA-ILA, an effort to determine FaAA interest and
          -- Outside counsel presents concept of FaAA involvement
          to NRA-ILA for consideration.
          -- Outside counsel, NRA-ILA and FaAA conduct conference
          call and agree to face-to-face meeting.
June 7    -- Face-to-face meeting takes place in Florida.  In the
          meeting, NRA-ILA determines that FaAA offers the best
          scientific and engineering expertise and analysis
June 14   -- NRA-ILA and FaAA representatives meet in Fairfax,
          Virginia, to finalize contract and scientific taskings.
          FaAA recommends, as one tasking, the analysis of fire-
          damaged firearms.  NRA-ILA concurs.
June 26   -- FaAA arrives at Texas Rangers headquarters in Austin
          to examine evidence.
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