Father Clinton & School Prayer

Nick Kasoff nkasoff at WINS0.WIN.ORG
Sat Jul 15 12:48:02 MDT 1995

Actually, there is another list for Clinton - Waffletalk.  Basically, what
I would expect from Clinton is a pronouncement that children have the
right to freely practice religion in school, but ultimately what will come
of it is that any practice which could in any way be seen, heard, or
otherwise detected by any other student is inherently coercive and
therefore violates the special sensitivity we must have because of the
diversity of our nation.  You can be sure of one thing, Clinton won't
side with the Baptists over the ACLU.
On Sat, 15 Jul 1995, Katy Knudson wrote:
> I guess that Clinton must be subscribing to Rushtalk.  I laughed aloud
> when I saw him on TV making clear to schools that they are not to be
> religion free zones.  Didn't someone state the necessity of educating the
> educators on this topic?  Kate

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