SF GOP HQ Trashed!

Andrew J. Templin nosilla at MCS.COM
Sun Jul 16 19:09:13 MDT 1995

> To All:
> Just to let you know that there ARE leftists terrorists out there, two
> days ago the extremist group Act-Up invaded the Headquarters of the San
> Francisco Republican Party and trashed the place!  They smeared fake
> blood all over the walls and committed horrendous acts of vandalism.
> Has anyone heard anything about this in the SF Bay Area?  Not unless
> they were listening to KSFO (a conservative talk show station).  The SF
> Chronicle didn't even mention it and the SF Examiner had a really tiny
> story on page two about it!  The local news failed to mention it,
> etc...
> ---------------------
> Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
> San Francisco/Los Angeles
> RAOstrea at ix.netcom.com
Just to let you know:
This was carried over the AP newswires.  I found it in one of the
Clarinet newsgroups carried by my Internet Service Provider.
I won't repost it here - copyright violations, you know - but the report
said, basically, what Robert has reported.

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