Gun owners as Citizens

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Mon Jul 17 08:41:19 MDT 1995

Thanks for the email addresses.  Below is a copy of a letter I sent
Sam Teel
Dear Mr. Rather:
I am greatly concerned by your unfair treatment of law abiding gun owners.
Your coverage suggests to the nation that all gun owners are terrorists, just
waiting for an opportunity to harm.  Nothing could be futher from the truth.
If you were to look at the statistics, you would see that people without
crimminal records almost never commit a crime with a gun.  The same numbers
show that more people are killed by hands and feet than all long guns,
including the so called "assault rifles".  Dr. Gary Kleck, professor at
the University of Florida, reports that over one million times per year, guns
are used to prevent crime.  Here in Florida, the concealed handgun option
law has reduced the murder rate by %29.  Crimminals are afraid to attack a
citizen who may well be better armed (and better trained) than themselves.
The coverage regarding the NRA quote of "jackbooted thugs" is especially
difficult to understand.  In the past, the news media has stood in the fore-
front of civil rights.  The Department of Justice report on Ruby Ridge
states, and I quote, "These Rules of Engagement in force at Ruby Ridge not
only departed from the FBI's standard deadly force policy but also
contravened the Constitution of the United States."  Stated plainly, these
agents acted as thugs and deserve to be treated and labeled as such.  The
recent removal of Larry Potts as the assistant director just prior to the
Waco investigations is clearly evidence of their guilt.
I ask you to inform us of the Dept. of Treasury letter requesting that
media "not go on a witch hunt" regarding Waco.  Mr. Rather, when there are
witches brewing a foul poison to the freedoms and civil rights of the
citizens of this great nation, it is your duty to hunt and expose them.
Sam Teel, Member NRA, GOA, and the Unorgainzed Militia of the Unites States,
                                   (as defined by Federal Law!)
If you yell fire in a theater, when there is none, you've committed a crime.
If you DON'T yell fire, when there is one, you've commited murder.
All comments, opinions etc. are mine and mine alone and in no way represent
those of my employer.
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