RELEASE: Why Did Justice...

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Mon Jul 17 12:13:00 MDT 1995

Papa Paul has noticed something which seems to have invaded not only the
print media, but the spoken as well.  I was driving to LA on Friday night
when the news cast on KFI radio (Los Angeles) referred to the re-arrest of
"black  motorist Rodney King."  Interesting point, when the evening talk
show guy came on; an anonymous type who uses the moniker of "Mr. KFI" and
suggested that every time King is arrested one of the police officers should
be freed, he still used the motorist term.
Sounds like an infectious agent at work here.
Steve Laib
 BTW, the spell checker on my email program doesn't like the name Rodney.
 It suggests Rodent, instead.

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