State Education

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jul 18 14:26:37 MDT 1995

Katy's mom writes:  (I'm often known as "Shelley's dad")
> Papa Paul is right on target with his suspicions of public education in
> this country.  The liberal agenda is firmly in place:  in the
> universities turning out teachers, the curricula used in schools, staffs
> loaded with entrenched liberals, and the NEA at national, state and local
> levels to act as the enforcer.  As a former teacher and then substitute
> teacher for several years, I felt I was in "enemy territory" in the
> teacher's lounge!  Conservative teachers are the true endangered species!
> Martha Knudson
So what do we do?  I have one in the 10th grade and one in the second. I am
very worried about the younger of the two, he will spend more time in the
ultra-liberal system. Shelley has been in advanced and gifted programs all
her life and has to spend more time on math, science and English rather than
values re-education.  Besides, she's discovered that a conservative teen is
as much of a rebel as the hippies were in the 60's!
I resent spending my tax money on liberal values propaganda.  I plan to send
Shaun to private school as soon as possible.  Heck of a waste, that public
school has to be avoided by those of us with common traditional values.
Thanks, Martha for the inside views.
Sam Teel

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