Waco hearings

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jul 18 14:42:45 MDT 1995

To All:
Does anyone know if the Waco hearing will on tv?  Perhaps the transcripts
will be available on the net somewhere.
Has anyone seen any media coverage
regarding the release of the Ruby Ridge report?  Why am I not surprised that
there is none even though they admitt to violating the Constitution.  And
my local liberal rag of a newspaper reported that Larry Potts was removed as
number two man in the fbi (number two seems to fit) but "removed" is not the
same as fired.  He'll probably be on administrative leave the rest of his life.
Or more likely, given some chushy job TAKING more money than any three of us
EARN.  And not by aproving "shoot em when you see em" orders, which is why
he was removed.  The individual who reportedly destroyed the approval sheet is
guess what? On administrative leave. (Paid, I'm sure)
Does anyone know if I can use the Freedom of Information act to get a copy of
the letter the Treasury sent the media?  Rush mentioned it today on his re-
broadcast show.  The letter to which I refer is the one where they ask the
media to not hunt witches in Waco.
hunt em, try em, convict em, burn em,
Sam Teel

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