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Katy Knudson knudsonk at DESTINY.ESD105.WEDNET.EDU
Tue Jul 18 15:36:53 MDT 1995

Sam, I share your deep concern about the quality of education your
children are getting. It sounds as if Shelley is on firm footing with the
way you have raised her.  We raised two "conservative rebels" and watch
with excitement at what lies ahead for them.  Private education was not
an option for us at the time, but they came through alright.
        I think the answer to rearing children in an adverse environment
(socially or scholastically) is to clearly communicate to them the
values of your family (ours come out of God's Word), live consistently
before them those values, and teach them critical thinking.
        There is much that is still good in public education, but parents must
monitor carefully---talk to them about what happened at school each day,
examine the textbooks, back the teacher when your pride and joy
misbehaves, and help them develop the strong self esteem to stand alone
when they must.
        Parents must be willing to put in a great deal of time and effort to
child rearing.  It doesn't usually go very well for adults who are
totally consumed with their own careers and have little time or energy to
invest in the next generation.  As an "empty-nester", I can
wholeheartedly say it was worth the effort.
Martha Knudson
On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Sam
> Katy's mom writes:  (I'm often known as "Shelley's dad")
> > Papa Paul is right on target with his suspicions of public education in
> > this country.  The liberal agenda is firmly in place:  in the
> > universities turning out teachers, the curricula used in schools, staffs
> > loaded with entrenched liberals, and the NEA at national, state and local
> > levels to act as the enforcer.  As a former teacher and then substitute
> > teacher for several years, I felt I was in "enemy territory" in the
> > teacher's lounge!  Conservative teachers are the true endangered species!
> > Martha Knudson
> So what do we do?  I have one in the 10th grade and one in the second. I am
> very worried about the younger of the two, he will spend more time in the
> ultra-liberal system. Shelley has been in advanced and gifted programs all
> her life and has to spend more time on math, science and English rather than
> values re-education.  Besides, she's discovered that a conservative teen is
> as much of a rebel as the hippies were in the 60's!
> I resent spending my tax money on liberal values propaganda.  I plan to send
> Shaun to private school as soon as possible.  Heck of a waste, that public
> school has to be avoided by those of us with common traditional values.
> Thanks, Martha for the inside views.
> Sam Teel

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