State Education

Katy Knudson knudsonk at UCS.ORST.EDU
Tue Jul 18 16:04:53 MDT 1995

Sam Teel wrote:
"I resent spending my tax money on liberal values propaganda.  I plan to send
Shaun to private school as soon as possible.  Heck of a waste, that public
school has to be avoided by those of us with common traditional values."
You are right, Sam.  I left a teaching job this year where I was hassled
by students (I expect that), parents, other teachers, and the principal for
refusing to accept work that was late without an excuse.  The student
hadn't been absent, just didn't bother to turn it in on time. I
argued  my point that I refuse to reinforce irresponsibility, but the
principal only accepted my stand because it was also clearly posted in
the classroom, not because he agreed with it.
At the public high school where I taught in LA, one of my colleagues was
verbally threatened and shoved by a student (school quarterback).  He had
been making loud noises outside her classroom, and she had stepped out to ask
him to stop.  In the aftermath, SHE was raked over the coals, and blamed for
inciting the incident by asking him to quiet down.  The incident was
witnessed by her entire class, and they now know that you can assault
teachers without consequences.
I won't bore the list with any more stories, but firmly believe that
schools will only improve when parents have the power to move their
children to schools that do not allow this kind of garbage.  I am through
with the public schools unless they change drastically.  I'll be using my
own "school choice" and becoming a student myself again this fall.

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